As a student on our Intensive Chinese, Internship, Volunteer or Gap Year program, you will have the option to live in one of our shared apartments. Located just a short subway ride from the school, our apartments offer convenience, as well as the chance to make new friends and immerse yourself in your host city.

Our Apartments


Our apartments are situated within typical Chinese communities, just a short distance from many shops and local restaurants. This offers the perfect opportunity to experience life as a local and practice the  Chinese you've learnt at the school whilst meeting others in the same boat as you.


Chinese kitchen

All students who opt to stay in our apartments will live in a private room within a shared flat alongside around 4 other Hutong School students. Besides the bedroom, all other areas of the apartment are communal, including the bathroom. This offers you the perfect chance to make friends from the moment you arrive and to ensure you have as vibrant a social life here as you do at home.


Our apartments are equipped with all the essentials, including air conditioning units, bedding, a washing machine, WiFi, a kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen contains the basics needed to cook at home (frying pan, utensils, dishes) and utility, internet and cleaning bills are included.



apartments in beijing

Our apartments are located around 25-30 minutes away from our schools and are easily accessible by metro. In Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, you can expect to live around the following areas:


Beijing: Chaoyang district (Shilipu), Donghzimen, Tuanjiehu

Shanghai: Zhenping Lu and Changshou Lu area, a few minutes from Jing'An temple by metro




We do all we can to ensure that you have a comfortable stay in our accommodation. While apartments are clean, well-equipped and comfortable, it’s important to remember that living standards are likely to differ somewhat from what you are used to at home. To help you better understand what to expect, please take note of the following:


  • Chinese mattresses are firmer than western ones, so it may take some getting used to – though according to the Chinese, your back will thank you later!

  • All apartments are equipped with the essentials only (which we’re sorry to say doesn’t include coffee machines, mattress toppers and dishwashers).

  • Buildings in some Chinese cities (such as Shanghai) do not typically have central heating and instead use an AC unit to heat apartments during winter, so make sure to pack your long johns if you're travelling to Shanghai during the winter months.

  • We aim to help you mix with as many people as possible, so we do not separate students based on gender*, nationality or age.

  • Our cleaning service applies only to the communal areas in your apartment. You will be responsible for cleaning your bedroom, doing your laundry and changing your bedsheets.

  • The images on this page should be used as a guide only. We cannot guarantee you will stay in one of the pictured apartments.


*If you have a special requirement and wish to be in a same-sex apartment, please let us know as soon as possible during the application process. 

If you would like to live in a shared apartment during your internship or Chinese language program, simply let us know in the comment field of your application form. Alternatively, explore our homestay accommodation.